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Dr. Anand Patel holds an MS and DNB in Surgical Gastroenterology, along with an FMBS in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery. Dr. Anand Patel, the distinguished surgeon holding FMAS and FIAGES certifications, offers expert care with precision and compassion.

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As the Best gastro surgeon in Ahmedabad, Dr. Anand Patel aspires to deliver exceptional care and high-quality treatments to every individual, ensuring a world-class healthcare experience.

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Our mission is to deliver exceptional healthcare, prioritize patient well-being, and promote a healthier community through dedicated medical services.

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Best Gastrologist in Ahmedabad
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Best Gastrologist in Ahmedabad
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Dr. Anand Patel is a Best gastro surgeon in ahmedabad who provides exceptional gastrointestinal.

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Dr. Anand Patel - Best obesity surgeon, a specialist in this field, performs surgeries such as gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, and adjustable gastric banding.

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Welcome to Ahmedabad’s Premier Hernia Care Center, where expertise meets compassion under the guidance of the best hernia surgeon in Ahmedabad.

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Reviews From Our Patients
Thakor Valji
Thakor Valji
અમારા ડીસાના ચમત્કારી અને પ્રેક્ટીકલ ડોક્ટર આનંદ પટેલ જેમના પર આંખો બંધ કરીને ભરોસો કરી શકાય તેવો એટલો સરસ ઈલાજ કરે છે કે ના પુછો વાત મે મારી જાતે જ તેમનો અનુભવ દેખ્યો છે ડો.આનંદ પટેલ સર ને સો સલામ 👌👌👌👍👍 👍
Pratik Patel
Pratik Patel
યોગ્ય સમજૂતી સાથે શ્રેષ્ઠ સારવાર માટે આનંદસર નો ખૂબ ખૂબ આભાર. 15 દિવસ પહેલા મારા કાકાનું હૃદય 150 ની આસપાસ ધબકતું હતું અને 2 દિવસથી મળમાં લોહી હતું. તેથી તેઓ બેભાન થઈ ગયા હતા 2 વખત તેથી અમે કલોલ માં પ્રાથમિક સારવાર માટે સ્થાનિક નગરના ડૉક્ટરનો સંપર્ક કર્યો ECG અને બ્લડ રિપોર્ટ કરાવ્યા બાદ છે, ડૉક્ટર કહે છે કે તમારે તમારા કાકાને હોસ્પિટલમાં દાખલ કરવાની જરૂર છે કારણ કે તેઓનું HB 4 છે. તેથી અમે ડૉ. આનંદ પટેલની સલાહ લીધી 2 બોટલ લોહી પછી તેઓએ એન્ડોસ્કોપી કરી પણ કોઈ સમસ્યા નથી મળી તેથી તેઓએ સીટી સ્કેન માટે તારણ કાઢ્યું અને નાના આંતરડામાં 30mm ગાંઠ મળી. હિમોગ્લોબીન ની ઉણપ હતી અને બ્લડ નું લીકેજ પણ રોકાવાનું તેથી આનંદ સરે અમને 5.6 હિમોગ્લોબીન માં ગણતરીના જોખમ સાથે સર્જરી કરવાનું સૂચન કર્યું. અમે રવિવારે સર્જરી કરી છે. પરંતુ આનંદ સાહેબે તે ખૂબ જ સારી રીતે કર્યું છે અને મારા કાકાને સર્જરી પછી 5 દિવસમાં રજા આપવામાં આવી હતી અને 8 દિવસ પછી મારા કાકા તમામ ખોરાક લઈ શકે છે. ફરી આભાર સર.....
Patel utsav
Patel utsav
Thank you very much anand sir for best treatment with proper explanation. Before 15days My uncle having heart beat around 150 and blood in stool for 2 days. so we have consulted local town doctor for initial treatment after doing ECG AND BLOOD report, doctor says you need to hospitalize your uncle as their HB is 4. So we have consulted Dr. Anand Patel after 2 bottel of blood they done endoscopy but we don't found any problem so they concluded for CT scan and found 30mm tumor in small intestine. As blood lose is very high so anand sir suggest us to do surgery with calculated risk as HB is around 5.6.we have done surgery on Sunday. But anand sir has done it very well and my uncle was discharged within 5 days after surgery and after 8 days my uncle can take all food. Thanks again sir.....
Sadam Khoja
Sadam Khoja
First Of All Thankyou Dr.Anand who had done my 2 surgeries Succesfully And Solved All My Problems 🙏❤️ I Was Facing Problem Of eating food like literally i cannot eat anything ! when i try to eat my food it gets stuck in my neck and i cannot breathe after that for sometime ! And The Other Problem i was facing is of Acid Reflux which Dr.Anand Solved by doing my operation properly ! I Had Done My Surgeries At Noble Gastro Hospital In Ahmedabad where the staff and all the doctors were very very supportive and helpful ! Now I Can Eat Properly And I Have No Problem Of Acid Reflux ! All The Thanks goes to Dr.Anand 🙏❤️
Harisinh Chauhan
Harisinh Chauhan
Dr. Sir very good work & supar work Sir aapni work supar
shah kartik
shah kartik
If you are finding best gastro doctor here your finding will end. One of the best doctor in industry. Specially in gastro. We had the surgery for gol bleeder remover and we are very satisfied. Dr. Anand is very positive and motivational person. You never feel you are discussing with the surgen. He explain very well what ever the illness is. I highly recommended for the gestro related any illness contact to him. He is young and talented.
sk __
sk __
17 Feb 2023 ma Me Mehsana Hayts Hernia ni Sergery Karavi hati.. je successful rahi.. but after 2 Months Mane problem thava lagyo.. Jema hu jami nato sakto.. Jamva nu Atak Tu hatu.. bov badhi davao karavi kai farak na padyo.. pachi rectly me Noble Gastroenterology Hospital nu internet par joyu ne ahiya hu Dr. Anand Patel ne Malyo.. Dr. Anand Patel sir mari puri History Jani And mane Mara problem Related Janavyu.. and Sergery Suggest karyu.. to me ane mari family ready thai gya Sergery mate.. Sergery pahela Anand Sir a Mane bov support karyo.. mentally.. and me rectly 11 October 2023 ma Sergery Karavi.. Sergery Laproscopy thi karva ma aavi hati.. Laproscopy Is Best Sergery.. Dr. Anand sir a Bov Best Sergery kari se.. haal ma mane jamva ma ne koi taklif mathi padi rahi.. Maru Wegiht bi bov ochu thai gyu se to sir a Mane Dieat plan Aapyo.. Hu Bov Happy su ku Ahiya me Sergery karavi.. And Thankyou So Much Dr. Anand Patel sir Jemna Support.. Care thi haal hu bov saru feel kari rahyo su.. and Jami Saku su have..
Rajesh Varde
Rajesh Varde
My friend was suffering from ulcerative colitis since many years. We are thankful to anand sir for right treatment and guidance.
Ashish Trivedi
Ashish Trivedi
Mare Haitus hernia ni taklif hati me Dr.Anand sir pase Surgery karavi hati mane 3 mahina Thai Gaya chhe have mane khubaj saru chhe Thank you Dr.Anand Sir Thank you Anand Hospital Staff
Kanaksinh Rathod
Kanaksinh Rathod
ડોક્ટર આનંદ પટેલ સર દ્વાર મારા પિતા શ્રી નુ આંતરડા નુ કેન્સર હતુ તેનુ સફળતા પુર્વક લેપરોસકોપી થી ઓપરેશન કરી કેન્સર ની ગાંઠ દુર કરેલ છે.આ માટે હુ સર નો ખુબ આભારી છુ.Thank you sir


Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you might have questions about your health, treatment options, and our services. Visit our FAQ section to find answers to common inquiries.

Dr. Anand Patel has over 13 years of experience in the field of gastroenterology. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, he is dedicated to providing exceptional care and treatment to his patients.

Yes, Dr. Patel utilizes advanced laparoscopic techniques for many procedures, ensuring less invasive approaches and quicker recovery times.

Dr. Patel will conduct a thorough examination, discuss your medical history, and provide personalized recommendations based on your unique healthcare needs.

You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Anand Patel by contacting his clinic directly or through the provided contact information.

Following surgery, Dr. Anand Patel is committed to ensuring optimal recovery and well-being. Patients receive comprehensive post-operative care, including detailed instructions for at-home recovery, scheduled follow-up appointments to monitor progress, and ongoing support to address any concerns or questions that may arise. Our dedicated team is focused on providing a supportive and attentive environment throughout the post-operative phase, guiding patients toward a smooth and successful recovery.

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