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Gallbladder Stone Treatment

Restore digestive wellness, and embrace a gallstone-free life—a journey to well-being awaits you.

Gallbladder Stone Treatment

Restore digestive wellness, and embrace a gallstone-free life—a journey to well-being awaits you.

Gallstone removal, medically known as Cholecystectomy is designed to relieve symptoms associated with gallstones, promoting digestive well-being and eliminating pain and discomfort.
Gallbladder stone treatment involves either an open approach with a larger incision or a laparoscopic approach with small incisions and a camera for visualization. Gallbladder stone operation is recommended for persistent symptoms and to prevent complications. The choice between open or laparoscopic surgery depends on individual health factors and the surgeon’s recommendation.

Under the care of skilled surgeons, gallstone removal procedures are conducted with precision. The specialist for gallbladder removes the gallbladder to eliminate the presence of gallstones and alleviate associated symptoms. The procedure allows bile to flow directly from the liver to the small intestine. This eliminates the storage of bile and the associated risks posed by gallstones.

Are you seeking relief from gallstone-related discomfort? Our specialist for gallbladder, Dr. Anand Patel, is a distinguished expert in gallstone removal procedures. Our specialist understands the impact of gallstones on your well-being and provides compassionate care throughout the treatment journey. Each patient is unique, and our specialist tailors the gallstone removal approach based on individual health factors and preferences.

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Why is cholecystectomy done?

Cholecystectomy surgery is recommended when a patient experiences the following symptoms:

Cancer Surgery

Pancreatic inflammation due to gallstones

stomach Cancer Surgery

Cholelithiasis - Gallstones in the gallbladder

Cancer Surgery

Choledocholithiasis - Gallstones in the bile duct

cancer Surgery

Cholecystitis - Gallbladder inflammation

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Pancreatic inflammation induced by gallstones

  • Cholelithiasis – Presence of gallstones within the gallbladder
  • Choledocholithiasis – Presence of gallstones within the bile duct
  • Cholecystitis – Inflammation of the gallbladder.

What are the symptoms that exhibit gallbladder surgery required?

  • Cholelithiasis: Presence of gallstones
  • Cholestasis: Interruption or slowdown of bile flow from the liver.
  • Cholecystitis: Inflammation of the gallbladder
  • Cholangitis: Inflammation of the bile ducts
  • Biliary Colic: Obstruction caused by a gallstone moving from the gallbladder body to its neck (cystic duct).

What steps should I take to prevent gallstones?

  • Manage weight with regular exercise
  • Follow a high-fiber diet
  • Control blood sugar levels if diabetic
  • Include healthy fats like olive oil, canola oil, etc.
Gallstones Removal (cholecystectomy)

A gallbladder can be removed in two ways based on the surgeon’s recommendatio Obesity is a disease where excessive fat accumulates in body and puts it at risk of severe health problems.

What are the different types of gallbladder surgeries?

A gallbladder can be removed in two ways based on the surgeon’s recommendation:

Gallbladder Stone Open surgery Treatment
Open surgery

Open surgery, a conventional medical approach, involves a significant incision for direct access to internal structures. This method allows for thorough examinations and precise interventions. Patients undergoing open surgery may experience longer recovery times and hospital stays than minimally invasive options. Still, the decision depends on factors like the nature of the condition, patient health, and surgical requirements. Seeking advice from a specialist for gallbladder ensures the adoption of the most appropriate surgical method for optimal results.

Gallbladder Stone Treatment Laparoscopic cholecystectomy
Laparoscopic cholecystectomy

This surgical procedure is less intrusive method eliminates the necessity for large incisions in the abdominal area. Instead, four small incisions are made, and a slender, flexible tube equipped with a video camera is inserted into the abdomen. The small camera provides an enhanced view of the gallbladder. The surgeon can observe the camera feed on a monitor, and surgical instruments are inserted through other incisions to remove the gallbladder. If gallstones are suspected, the surgeon may recommend X-ray or ultrasound scans to confirm their presence. Laparoscopic procedures typically last one to two hours and are commonly referred to as ‘keyhole surgery.

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Dr Anand Patel

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy often takes about 1-2 hours, but the duration can vary based on individual factors.

Gallstones won't form in the gallbladder post-cholecystectomy, but they can develop in the bile duct.

Some individuals may experience changes in digestion after gallbladder removal, but most adjust well to a normal diet.

Cholecystectomy permanently removes the gallbladder, eliminating the source of gallstones.


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